New Gallery!

I’ve just added Gallery 3 to my main menu. It displays Mandala Wall Art. Here’s some examples; Lots of work to create but I’m very happy with this project.

Central Australia abstract

I visited Central Australia 16 years ago and the memory of it still remains vivid in my mind. I’ve painted this encounter now, using the bright colours of the Uluru and Kata Juta areas. These are monumental rock features and are Australian icons. My painting approach is abstract in style…it’s almost impossible to express the spirit and wondrous nature of these edifices any other way. The colour is high and vivid with reds, oranges and pinks and a splash of yellow. I’ve indicated features such as sky with a bright blue and remnant trees and small rocks in dark tones. My memory evokes feelings of appreciation of the grandeur of these places….I’m trying to capture the essence, the spirit of Uluru and the surrounding landscape. Hope those who have experienced this part of Australia (and those who would like to) can somehow connect with the essence of what I’ve painted.


“Uluru: a remembrance”   $850(AUD)   76x76cm

New artwork “Summer Season”

I’ve just finished the painting “Summer Season”. I’m expressing the vibrancy and essence of summer here in Australia. It’s a very busy time with holidays, Christmas and New Year, so I wanted to show the energy of this. The colours are bright and the painting has details which are drawn with brushwork, which convey energy, and maybe even some menace as this time of year often has extreme weather events such as bushfire, storms, cyclones, flooding. Mostly it expresses joy and playfulness as everyone moves into holiday mode. “Summer Season” sells for $550 (AUS).

Summer Season

Summer Season


New “Alchemy” painting finished

I’ve just completed the newest addition to the Alchemy series…full of light and dark contrasts, and mystery. It is somehow representative of our inner selves, moving into light, and revealing our true beautiful colours. Hope you enjoy this one and feel some connection to its voice. It is titled “We hide in secret spaces”. Note the two small areas of gold paint, a reminder of “alchemy”.

We hide in secret spaces

We hide in secret spaces