Another birthday

Yesterday was a lovely day…my 61st birthday. I had a great day out up on the mountain with Taz (Mt Tamborine). It’s their Open Garden Trail all weekend. We spent the day looking at beautiful gardens and enjoying a picnic at the Knoll National Park. The gardens were all different in style; a small (almost overwhelming) cottage style, a house garden with marvellous orchids, and a palatial residence with some french styled parterre gardens. Many magnolias featured, and some plants happily appeared in all the gardens…must be climate. We didn’t visit all the gardens that were on display, but there’s always next year. Please enjoy these pics! (Thanks to Taz for most of these pics).

Happy birthday season!

That time of year has come around (or will on Wednesday) for the annual birthday. Usually I don’t worry too much but this year is the 60th, and that’s a big one some I’m enjoying a “season”; well a weeks worth anyway. Had a lovely gathering last Saturday at a local restaurant…lots of conversation, laughs and good food; and then some more partying with family, and a special “60 glorious years” birthday cake. People were very generous with all kinds of gifts, and eldest daughter H organised a special one of Tom Ford perfume…so beautiful. We took pics and I’m posting some…a bit crazy for my usual blog, but the 60 year cycle only comes around once for most of us. Time to enjoy!