Some lovely pics from a couple of years ago

Going through all my photos (and there are thousands!), I found a few beauties from a couple of years ago….thought I’d share.

Gates, fences, paths etc


Occasionally I take pics of these common place things, gates, fences and paths. Sometimes they’re mundane, but mostly they are quite beautiful. I often feel inspired by these simple objects. They can also be symbolic, as in containing, or leading somewhere mysterious and intriguing….somehow there’s a connectedness with such spaces….places of quiet reflection or natural beauty.


Amazing!… a grasshopper emerges

What an interesting process, watching a grasshopper shed its old exoskeleton. The entire process took hours, and when I came out to look this morning it was still sitting on the adjacent leaf, possibly recovering from exhaustion. The grasshopper’s wings were completely straightened this morning, where as yesterday, late afternoon, they were still furled. This served to show me how vulnerable small creatures are, and how we should take notice of these wonders in our own backyards. Taz and I photographed the happening from time to time, so I’m sharing the images with you. Nature is amazing!