Updated “Remembrance”page

I’ve added another work, “Storm surge”, to my “Remembrance” page in the Gallery section. Maybe take a peek.

“Storm surge”   51x41cm   $450(AUD)

“Storm surge”, recently completed

Early winter saw the arrival of some extreme weather conditions, resulting in large dangerous surf and damaged beaches. My painting “Storm surge” reflects these conditions and the changes to our environment. Nature provides drama in our landscapes not always to our liking. I wanted to capture that drama and also to contrast the deep blue oceanic hues with stark white, in order to maintain a simple yet energetic expression of nature at its most extreme.

“Storm suge”  51 x 41 cm   $450(AUD)

Xmas greetings post Sydney siege

Sending everyone a greeting card to celebrate the season. Here in Australia we have been somewhat disturbed by the recent siege in Sydney…sadly 2 precious lives were lost, and others greatly traumatised. This is a country of wonderful freedoms, and such events might shock us, but will never prevent us from moving freely about our streets, shops, and cafes. And at this time of year we particularly enjoy travelling, camping and swimming and surfing at our numerous beautiful beaches. Crazed ideologies will never stop us from doing these things…we simply remain alert yet still very relaxed.

An ancient symbol of Christmas, having pagan origins is of course the tree…this is the tree of life, and reminds us of our connection with the planet and each other….our Interconnection. My card for this year features the beautiful rainforest Maiala, part of Brisbane Forest park. We visited this place a couple of weeks ago, and walked freely, enjoying the many bird calls to be heard (but mostly not seen). Some of these trees are quite old and the rainforest has a wonderful stillness, and a special smell. I very much love these places and find them cleansing for the soul…..so below is my greeting card for the season. Enjoy this time of year, and many blessings to you all where ever you may be.

Greetings from Maiala forest