Wild day on the mountain

We made a day out up on Springbrook….turned out to be wet, foggy, a bit rainy, yet marvellous. Taz and I visited various lookouts and did some short walks, the most interesting being the Antarctic beech walk, a strange old forest with mossy bearded trees and the very old Antarctic beeches, remnants of the old Gondwana continent forests. Much of this forest feels like Lord of the Rings! There are very few birds and another afternoon I visited, it was completely silent. The fog yesterday made the whole thing very atmospheric and a bit spooky, but we loved it despite being wet and cold. I got marvellous pics, including a little native rainforest snail. The view from the Best of All Lookout, was dense fog, rain and wind…right on the edge of the mountain…a great way to contact the elements (wouldn’t a storm be amazing!).

New paintings up today

Just photographed a couple of new semi abstract landscapes…they’re about “water” and actually have a¬†very wet¬†appearance. I’m using some new brushes and this helps create a slightly different way of working, if I so choose….makes paint application more flexible. The flowing look is achieved by the use of more water mixed into the paint. There’s quite a few runs and dribbles and this also adds to the watery effect and the colours are predominantly cool watery blues, greens, and a lot of white. They’re very atmospheric works and invoke feelings of the wet season I experienced while living in north east NSW. I’m really enjoying this painting method and am happy to add it to the two approaches I already employ.