Updated version of “Alchemy: the cave where we were all born”

This week I’ve worked some more on “Alchemy: the cave where we were all born”. I wasn’t completely satisfied with it, so I’ve worked more paint onto the surface and given it more detail and interest. It feels quite lush now, and I feel happier with the result.

Alchemy: the cave where we were all born
Alchemy: the cave where we were all born

New “Alchemy” painting finished

I’ve just completed the newest addition to the Alchemy series…full of light and dark contrasts, and mystery. It is somehow representative of our inner selves, moving into light, and revealing our true beautiful colours. Hope you enjoy this one and feel some connection to its voice. It is titled “We hide in secret spaces”. Note the two small areas of gold paint, a reminder of “alchemy”.

We hide in secret spaces
We hide in secret spaces

“Alchemy” page added to Gallery

Today I’ve added a new page to my Gallery. Go to Alchemy here.

New “Alchemy” painting

Today I’m posting an image of my new “Alchemy” painting, titled “Alchemy: Light emerging”. The piece evokes the idea of light emerging from darkness and references hidden areas of the psyche being revealed. Small marks of gold paint indicate the transmutation of the ordinary into something precious…an aspect of ourselves being acknowledged and recognised as something worthwhile.

Alchemy: Light emerging
Alchemy: Light emerging 51x51cm $420

Today, in the studio

I’ve been working on another painting from the “Alchemy” series. This is just the beginnings, and will need a lot more work, layers and detail yet, but the colours have a richness that I’m loving. The brushwork has been very spontaneous and rapid, and I’ve worked at placing colours down with energy….looking forward to the next steps! So I’ll post up this first image to give you a sneak peek.

In the studio today

Understanding “Alchemy” added to Articles

I’ve added some new writing to my “Articles” pages. It’s a discourse on my latest painting series “Alchemy” and explains the concept behind the new artworks. You may like to read this.

The first of the “Alchemy” paintings up for viewing

Today I’m showing the first of the Alchemy series of paintings. This one is titled “Alchemy: the cave where we were all born”. The title┬áharkens back to a time of prehistory, to remind us of our beginnings, yet there is gold present (and can be seen in a couple of places on the surface) that is symbolic of change and development in humans collectively and individually….a kind of metaphor for transformation of the soul or spirit. The darkness can represent base emotions, but can also mean the place of the womb….a place of quiet incubation. This painting was also inspired by a cave in the Numinbah National Park. It’s quite a low but protective place and has a waterfall next to it, which gives an enlivened feeling to the place. It was probably used by earliest Australians for many thousands of years, and has previously had glow worms living there. The references to water are observed in the vivid blue and white of the painting, and the water at this cave is indeed a brilliant hue.

“Alchemy” and “Remembrance”

The beginnings of two new series of artworks are┬ástarting to emerge….”Alchemy” and “Remembrance” are the titles of these upcoming series of abstractions. I’ll keep you all posted in the coming days and weeks about these ideas and paintings!