Newly painted in the studio

I’ve been making a bit more time for myself to be creative in my studio and have just yesterday completed 2 new paintings. It’s a relief to get back into art making again as I’ve been devoting a lot of time to the gardening project, but sometimes the need for art creation comes to the fore and I follow my instincts! The new paintings reference my love for the natural world and my experience of it, but are also very abstracted in format. It’s more about feeling the place and creating an abstract impression of this…called expressionism actually! Paint marks made on the canvas are significant in all my work…they point to abstracted ideas of objects, people etc. but also serve to lead the eye on a journey across the paintings, and to linger in areas that can be explored more. One artwork is a small forest painting, the other a beach. Both are refreshing and sustaining places to visit. “Forest wandering 1” is priced at $340 and is 40x30cm in size; the other is titled “Beach stroll”, a much larger painting, and priced at $995. Its’ size is 92x60cm. Both were a great joy to paint! Please reach me on my contact page if you’re interested in making a purchase.

Beach stroll
Beach stroll $995 92x60cm
Forest wandering 1
Forest wandering 1 $340 40x30cm

Artwork of the month…Number 20 by Mark Rothko

This month I’ve decided to show a piece by one of my fave artists, Mark Rothko. It’s titled “Number 20”, as in his later work he preferred to number his works rather than title them. It was painted in 1950 and was produced during the period of his life where he’d established a particular style, which some people label as “abstract expressionist”, others as “colour field”. Rothko was well known for his large dark canvases in maroons and blacks, but I chose this one to present an example that is much brighter in colour. I love the warm yellows and the bright strip of red. Rothko pursued symbolic and mythological themes and ideas in his works, and brought them to a point where they were completely non-representational. The paintings were large in size so the viewer would feel almost overwhelmed, and were meant to be viewed close up. He was a well known member of the New York School of abstract expressionists, born in 1903, and died in 1970.

A painting by Mark Rothko, titled Number 20
Number 20, by Mark Rothko