Two abstract works

Here’s two new abstractions, recently uploaded to my online selling site. They are expressions of my inner world…the psyche…and use colour to evoke feeling mood and experience. I work directly from this point of view in a spontaneous and intuitive manner. The URLs are and

Go to my Bluethumb profile to see more works

Jasper’s passing

Dear friends, on Tuesday we farewelled our dear dog companion, art critic, and garden lover, Jasper. He was 12 years old, and beloved by all who met him. Jasper was good natured, openhearted, and loved participating in life. We miss him so much. Here’s some pics, including a puppy one, and a special one from Tuesday.

“Bushland conversation” is uploaded

My latest artwork “Bushland conversation” is added now to Gallery 1. I’m of late become more intrigued with trees and their relationship, in shape and line. This painting almost looks “Middle earth”, and the trees seem to be communicating. After my recent road trip I’ve been painting some works to do with Outback Australia. This was inspired by my travels.

Bushland conversation 75x75cm $1090

“Scrubland west of Jericho” is finalist in Outback art awards

“Scrubland west of Jericho” is a finalist in the John Villiers Outback Art Awards. The exhibition will open on the 13th March at the Waltzing Matilda Centre, Winton, Queensland.

Scrubland west of Jericho 50x50cm

Progress with latest painting

This week I’ve started a new work…thought I’d show you the process so far. Go to this link to see more of my artworks and/or make a purchase.

“Outback-dark and bright” Staff Pick

My painting “Outback-dark and bright” has been “staff picked” by Bluethumb Art! Yay!

“Outback-dark and bright”

Here’s the newly complete “Outback-dark and bright”. This painting reflects my road trip experience through western Queensland. The light is clear and bright, even harsh, and the title speaks to this. Outback Queensland is a severe environment, often suffering drought, and the landscape shows this in its’ harsh appearance. I was inspired by the Drummond Range on the western edge of the Central Highlands, as we headed further west to the outback. The contrast in tone and colour highlights the stark landscape.

This painting can be purchased at bluethumb Click on this link to see more.

“Outback-dark and bright” 51x41cm $440

Painting continues

I’ve been working on 3 paintings of various sizes recently. Here’s an update.

Addition to gallery 1

“Sun moon landscape” is a recently completed artwork I’ve added to Gallery 1. Click here to view in the gallery context.

It’s an imaginary vista which could be interpreted in different ways, hence the title, Sun/moon….could be either of these. The colours could also be in a daytime or night landscape. Perhaps there’s some water in the centre of the picture. I’ve used small marks to add texture and create interest.