Change to my site…new Galleries pages

I’ve replaced my old style Galleries with a couple of new galleries that show case nature inspired works and more purely abstract works. Take a peek!

“Swell” sculpture festival

Yesterday we drove down to Currumbin to view the “Swell” Sculpture festival, which showcases sculpture in an outdoor setting, on, or surrounding Currumbin Beach. The weather was perfect and the sculpture was truly amazing. Everyone in the Gold Coast/ Brisbane area should make an effort to go along. I’ve taken masses of pics, and here are some of my highlights (mostly everything!). All of them were beautiful in diverse ways, and some celebrated beach life, but many spoke about our relationship with the environment and this country. We personally loved “Stillness in time” (the pink discs) and “Save our seabed” (the colourful recycled plastics powered with a solar panel). It all finishes on Sunday.

More Springbrook treats

Our day out yesterday offered some great scenic opportunities despite the weather. We visited the Canyon lookout and the spectacular Purlingbrook Falls lookouts. On the track is a board featuring aboriginal names and words linked to the area. The little Purling Brook itself gave us an unusual experience of watching little Water Boatmen guarding their territories in the quiet pools. They’re such tenacious little guys, each one with it’s own tiny place to protect….they’ll even have a tussle if needs be! I’ve included some more pics.

New article “Understanding the “Remembrance” series” added today

I’ve added a new article today for you to read. It refers to my latest paintings In the “Remembrance” series and gives an explanation of their meaning.

“Links” added to my “Copyright” page

I’ve started to add some links to my copyright page…please check them out.

New page “Articles” is added

I’ve just added a new page, “Articles”, for you to read. It will have various articles, information,tips, and ideas. These will generally be linked from a post that I’ve made. So keep looking out for what’s new.

Rainforest Rescue – LivingGIfts

Rainforest Rescue – LivingGIfts.

“The Bold and The Beautiful” group exhibition opens 4/7/2014 at 6pm

Looking forward to this show


This group exhibition features 14 local artists:

Annica Malmkvist
Bronwyn Hastings
Terri Lewis
Murray Dunlop
Michelle Bowden
Ann Wood
Beverley Teske
Margaret Williamson
Jenny McNamara-Furlong
Wendy Sinclair
Mark Kleine
Caroline Hayes
Susan Lhamo
Joanne Braddy

Opening event is 4/7/2014 from 6pm to 9pm. The exhibition continues to 23/7/2014.


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