Our own hybrid!

We have some hibiscus plants in bloom…most surprising is one plant that has bright pink flowers, pale yellow flowers and some stripey mutations! There are two seperate plants nearby, one with pale yellow flowers, the other with bright pink. So some interbreeding has happened…beautiful! The photo with two flowers…well they’re actually on the same branch…Amazing.


Loving the weather lately….good for gardening and planting. I’ve purchased quite a few things and am creating gardens now where they can happily grow.

Plants for the garden

At my new place I’ve been thinking about the gardens I can make…bought some plants and planted out some trees also. I had to quickly water the purple heliotrope...it was looking a bit dry. I’ll start working on some garden beds soon. It’s kind of exciting to be able to choose my own plants and where I’ll put them…so many ideas!

Winter days

Here in sub tropical Australia we have wonderful winter days….mostly fine and with blue skies…morning temps a bit cool, but generally a great time of year. I’m just sharing with you a couple of pics; flowering grevilleas in the backyard, and our art/companion dog Jasper strolling in the nasturtiums. Happy!

Another birthday

Yesterday was a lovely day…my 61st birthday. I had a great day out up on the mountain with Taz (Mt Tamborine). It’s their Open Garden Trail all weekend. We spent the day looking at beautiful gardens and enjoying a picnic at the Knoll National Park. The gardens were all different in style; a small (almost overwhelming) cottage style, a house garden with marvellous orchids, and a palatial residence with some french styled parterre gardens. Many magnolias featured, and some plants happily appeared in all the gardens…must be climate. We didn’t visit all the gardens that were on display, but there’s always next year. Please enjoy these pics! (Thanks to Taz for most of these pics).

Flowering gardens

Our Botanic gardens here in Brisbane are a beautiful sight in winter. So many things flower at this time in Australia. I thought you may enjoy some of these wonderful plants.

Happy day!

Happy day today! At last I have a new car after a long wait, nearly 4 1/2 weeks….a brand new Hyundai i30….loving it. I just picked this beauty up this morning, and went for a little drive soon after. Thanks to Gary at Moorooka Hyundai, and my Mum for some of the money. Here’s pics.


Studio works

I’m posting some images showing my studio….maybe of interest to you. Working on a couple of pieces at the moment, one being a little larger than usual. And yes, there is a lime green door, and a magenta pink cupboard side.

My little flowering violas

These little viola plants are happily flowering away, despite the cold(for us) weather. It’s lovely to walk out into the yard and see their charming faces in the garden….and they have a beautiful perfume; like violets, of course.


Happy violas

Artworks of the month

I’m bringing the “tour de force” abstracts I love…artworks of the month. Great energy and positive feelings are kindled by this group…Enjoy!