My little flowering violas

These little viola plants are happily flowering away, despite the cold(for us) weather. It’s lovely to walk out into the yard and see their charming faces in the garden….and they have a beautiful perfume; like violets, of course.

Happy violas

6 thoughts on “My little flowering violas

  1. In Miami, Florida where I used to live it is hot all the time with some relief Nov – Mar. Now live 900 miles north in North Carolina and 90F now in our summer but this area has 4 seasons unlike Miami and there are cool and very cold months which I find refreshing. I failed at vegetables and flowers. It does not rain much here but even when I water the clay soil sucks it up and dries out so fast.


    1. Hi Lucinda. Yes, the violas are gorgeous! I used a bag of compost on my little garden area and the plants love this. I dug it into the soil which is quite poor in this part of Brisbane, Australia. There are marvellous rich volcanic soils in other parts of Brisbane, and the surrounding hinterland for about 150 kms. We are unhappily living on the poorest soils I think. It’s winter here and probably quite mild compared to yours. Day temps are around 21C. Nights are cooler but we never see snow…we’re in the sub tropics. Summers can be hot but the humidity is the killer. Heavy summer storms and tropical lows are killers for the summer garden, so we all wait for the glory of the “colder” months to plant veggies, flowers and herbs. All the best with your plantings!

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    1. What a shame Carl. Does it become very hot where you live? I live in sub tropical Australia, and our weather tends not to be too extreme. It’s actually winter for us now with day temps around 21C so quite mild on the scale of things. Summer can be much hotter but the humidity is the hard part. Our soils is poor too; a kind of grey loam with not much in it, but I used a bag of compost for my little garden area and dug it in. The plants are in love with it, and the mild weather. Have you grown other plants at your home?


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