“Ancient” Artwork of the month

Creating a new board on Pinterest helped remind me of a pair favourite art objects. Many years ago I had a great interest in the ancient goddess culture of old Europe, and recently finding images of some of these objects found in archaeological digs, I came across a pair of small terracotta sculptures of a woman and a man, known as the Cernavoda woman and man. They were grave objects, about 4.5 inches in height, and found near the Danube, Romania, in an area known as Hamangia, and date around 4000-3500 BC. These figures aren’t typical objects of the time in that they aren’t stylised in the same way, or decorated. In fact they appear very contemporary and sophisticated in style. Scholars can only guess as to their meaning but the person who made them was possibly the neolithic equivalent of Picasso or Rembrandt!…the little figures are beautiful and contemplative and very striking in form. The male figure is sometimes called “The thinker” of the Neolithic. So here they are, modernist 20th century pieces in style, yet ancient artworks of the month.

Cernavoda woman and man

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