Artwork of the month, Icicles

This month I’m showing a work by Andy Goldsworthy, the British site specific artist. He works insitu with materials that are at hand. Most of his work is ephemeral, lasting only short periods of time, ranging from a few hours to many seasons. His creations show us the effect of time and the natural world. This piece, Icicles, was made in early February, 1999, in Nova Scotia. Goldsworthy collected icicles overnight, and pieced them together in this marvellous structure, using only his spit as glue. He had to work quickly before the sun rose to complete the work before it melted. This photo is the remaining image of this piece. Andy Goldsworthy has worked all over the world, even in harsh terrains such as deserts, and the North Pole.

Reconstructed refrozen icicles

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