Latest Remembrance painting is up

I’ve recently completed another Remembrance painting, “Remembrance: Wetland swamp”. It’s a collation of many memories and some experiences of these dark and mysterious places. I love the way the bright and often grassy edge to wetlands is so vibrant in vivid greens, and bumps up against the dark secretive swamp area….the contrast is stark. In this painting I’ve made use of quick marks which act as detail in large one toned or coloured parts. The “marks” are important parts of all my paintings and though they may be small, are actually very powerful strong pieces of the picture acting as contrast or detail in open areas. Each mark is quite considered even though it has the appearance of being spontaneous. In “Wetland swamp” I’ve also employed the hidden/revealed approach to large areas of colour and there is a lot of complexity in the work. This gives the painting depth and an aliveness throughout. This painting is available for sale at $570.

Remembrance: Wetland swamp
Remembrance: Wetland swamp $570 101x76cm

Let me know what you think.

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