Wet day at the bay

Love visiting the bay….even if it’s rainy. We began to walk out to the little island; didn’t get there due to rain and wind. But I love the contact with the elements, despite it being somewhat uncomfortable. Wind surfers struggled with the wind and rain was spitting, but not heavy. And the tide was right out, more than I’ve ever seen it. There were sand bars where usually it’s water. Moreton Bay has many seagrass fields and consequently has a dugong population (manatees) that is very dependant on the stuff…their main food source. We could see the edge of the beds with the tide being out. Sand here is a redish colour, due to the pumice stone formed from the ancient volcanic lava flow. Mountains to the north and south are the remnant volcanic plugs and overflows, and the soil in this area is very red, hence the name “Redlands Shire”.The sky on our visit was a lovely grey with showers moving across from the islands….always good to connect with nature, even when it’s a bit unpleasant.

Let me know what you think.

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