Artwork of the month

An old one, but a good one…..“Art of exploration” is from my 2006 solo show of the same name. It’s a large painting, mainly in a green colour range, and features the drawn figure of a man with a map, and a fly, and references the idea that even with a map we can’t be sure what’s in the future or what we’ll find. The fly appears quiet, but we all know that flies and forests can spell danger (and he is rather large)! The “forest” in my artwork is often a symbol for the subconscious…an underlying theme of the show. Broad scraped brushstrokes were applied with a cardboard edge and imply a possible route to be taken, although it doesn’t appear to lead anywhere.The painting encapsulates the meaning of the exhibition….of diving into the unknown and having no predicted outcome….a bit like life really!

Art of exploration
Art of exploration

Let me know what you think.

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