Zarkora book launch

On Wednesday evening we enjoyed an evening out at Riverside Books, for the re-launch of Zarkora- the Firelit Tragedy. Its the first of the 4 Zarkora series of books by Alison and Nicholas Lochel. Initially first self published in 2013, Hachette, and offshoot of Penguin, has republished this great yarn for younger readers. I’ve personally read the first two books and can definitely recommend it for kids 8 years upwards. The book is written in the fantasy genre style, and leaves you waiting impatiently for the next in the series…full of excitement, adventure, and dragons! Alison and Nick have worked for many years crafting this great story, and certainly deserve the accolades, prizes and recognition they have received. We’ve personally known their story as Alison is a close friend of Taz. Many congratulations to them both! Click here to view the Zarkora website.

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