Artwork of the month

This month I’m featuring an older painting “Water gem 1” from around 2007. I had made a series of works around the idea of water running over pebbles. Initially a couple of small paintings were made in watercolour, and then I painted a group of 5 acrylics from that concept. The photo images I took weren’t of good quality, sadly. but the image I’m showing today is probably the best. I wanted to convey the idea of pebbles becoming something else…more precious. The colours in the painting I’m showing today are quite lively, and the focus is on the blue contrasting with other jewel like hues. The series was named “Water gems”. As a theme, it seems to be recurring in more recent ideas I’m formulating and working on at the moment, so I’ll keep you posted about these.

Water gem 1
Water gem 1

Here’s one of the original watercolours that inspired the “Water gem” series.

Water 1
Water 1

Let me know what you think.

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