Today in the garden

colourful leaves
Colourful leaves

There’s always something to see in my garden, even if it’s only a small thing. Today the first camellia of the season opened, and it’s a great pleasure to be greeted by this autumn’s camellia bounty. We have only a small tree, about a metre high, but it produces lots of flowers; many when I remember to fertilize it! The tiny Brown Leaf Curling spider is abundant at the moment, in fact I’ve never really noticed them before…this year there’s lots…all hiding out in their little dry curled leaves. They stay inside their homes, mostly, but if you look closely you can see their tiny legs poking out from one end….very cute. And finally the cocoon/home of the case moth has been attached to a tree. I didn’t know it was there until some branches were removed in the backyard, and things such as this were revealed. The moth has actually left this stick case so no one’s at home. The bag itself is just left hanging. I was fascinated and a little scared of these when I was a child. Sometimes the grub drags its home around if it’s looking for a good spot to attach itself. Here’s some photos I took this afternoon…hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think.

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