Artwork of the month

This month I’ll talk about an abstraction I made last year titled “Magenta meets yellow and orange”. This painting has a great sense of immediacy about it, yet the colours and their placement were carefully considered. I wanted to make a juxtaposition of the orange and magenta, yet allow the yellow to be a central theme. It’s almost like a collision of these colours, and this is the result! I knew the background could not be strongly present, taking a very subdued presence, and letting the vibrant magenta, yellow, and orange voice be heard. The painting needed a few extra marks of black to lift it from being a red focused energy, and so I used a couple of simple gestures to balance the hot energy. A few areas of blended colour were employed to break the large orange area in particular. I found this painting to be a lot of fun to make, and in a way it seemed to create itself, or at least had it’s own momentum. Things worked very easily, and I was very happy at completion…and still am! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

4 thoughts on “Artwork of the month

  1. Very cool 🙂 Interesting too, I see parallels between your painting and creating through writing. I feel much as you describe here when I have enjoyed for example, writing a particularly fun and satisfying blog post and as you say here seems to create itself and everything flows together surprisingly easily…and happy! Yes! That is most definitely the end result!


  2. It’s interesting to read of you ‘balancing energy’ in your paintings Susan. Although I am not a painter, I do collect abstract works, and almost always get this sense of balance, or imbalance, in the dynamics of colours and form, and how they present to perception. Another way of thinking about this is perhaps in the use of the term ‘harmony’, though I think it amounts to the same thing in my case.

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