9 Essentials you need for your life!

I like all these points…in my opinion these are the essentials needed for a good and healthy life…go to my ARTICLE on this to read more information. So, very briefly, here they are.

photo of sea and sky
Sea and sky

#1 A safe home….everyone needs a place to feel safe; it’s essential for survival.

#2 Good healthy food.…eating healthily and drinking clean water will improve your physical health, and creating a little garden encourages us to eat well too.

#3 Some supportive friends…..we all need a loving family and/or group of friends to accompany us on life’s journey.

#4 Some exercise…..keep the body active; it also helps the mind

#5 Time for contemplation….take time out for yourself each day, preferably without devices!

#6 A job you like…follow your dreams, or try to improve on what you have.

#7 Find a hobby….we can’t work 24/7….finding something that interests you will help make a balanced life.

#8 Personal responsibility…..be responsible for your thoughts, words and deeds.

#9 Try to be kind….the old golden rule applies!

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