Beginnings…a new garden

This last month I’ve begun the task of creating a new garden. I haven’t undertaken such a task for many years, and what a pleasure it is! Despite this being very hard work physically I’m enjoying the process so much.

The garden was initially small but I’m gradually expanding outwards, clearing weeds and unwanted larger plants as I go. Interestingly the deep rooted weeds have assisted in breaking down the bad quality soil and making it quite friable. First up, a layer of lawn clippings and sugar cane mulch was added. Underneath I’d placed layers of newspaper to block weed growth. When I checked under this a couple of weeks later I found many small garden worms, so it didn’t take long to have a lovely growing environment being created. Some bags of compost were purchased (haven’t made my own yet) and I moved the top layer away and laid compost down. Small herbs were planted into this yummy compost layer, and the mulch was reapplied.

Some plants died in the late heat wave we then experienced, but I’ve replanted more. The basil, mint and rocket did really well from the start…must be very hardy! Now, in the slightly cooler weather, things are going along nicely and I’ve already used some basil and rocket. Last week I added oregano, rosemary and some tough marigolds, and they’re going fine….also a couple of patches of bergamot seeds…hoping to get some nice flowering plants from that! I’ve placed my two pottery goddess figurines in the garden….one is a fierce protecter type, and the other is more of an earth mother fertility goddess….go ladies; do your work! ( I made these figures many years ago as part of an art exhibition).

I’ll keep you posted about how it’s all progressing, as new things are planted and the garden size expands. If you’ve got a little bit of land or space try growing a garden….it brings such joy, and small creatures will visit also!

Let me know what you think.

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