Curtis Falls creek, Mt Tamborine

Made a little journey up the mountain during the week…to a favourite spot only an hour’s drive south from Brisbane. Mt Tamborine is a beautiful subtropical environment with many walking tracks, art galleries, cafes etc. We love visiting on a week day as it’s a bit more quiet. Did a short walk down to Curtis Falls; lots of water flowing after all the rain we’ve experienced lately. The falls themselves are not very high or large but the place has a lovely peaceful energy despite being quite a popular tourist spot. Taz took these great pics with her iphone, and I’m posting them up….the water looks like a spa and felt very inviting, although you can’t go in as its fenced off and a protected area (fair enough). The water is very pristine and clear; the tree is a massive strangler fig which is a parasitic vine but grows up its host, then strangles it and takes its place…lots of them in the rainforest.

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