Return of “Artwork of the month”

This month, after a time of family ill health, I’m bringing back Artwork of the month. This November it’s a painting that’s hanging on my wall, which I made 14 years ago, and still remains a favourite. The title is “Rainforest stream, Terania”, and it realistically depicts a beautiful rainforest creek in Northern New South Wales, Australia. I lived in the area for many years and visited this rainforest many times, often taking photos. This part of the creek is in the Nightcap National Park, and is one of my most beloved places. The water is pristine, and the creek itself is ever changing in subtle ways. I made a series of artworks at this time, in a very realistic vein. The series was called “Spirit of Place” and depicted places I’d personally visited that had lasting impacts on my life. “Rainforest Stream, Terania” has vibrant colours, and this is actually how Terania Creek looks in midday sunlight. The painting took 6 months to complete, with my returning to it till I was satisfied with the final piece. Hope you enjoy!

Rainforest Stream, Terania
Rainforest Stream, Terania


Let me know what you think.

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