Artwork of the month

This month I’ve decided to show “Road to Tarin Kowt”. This painting was initiated by a response to the knowledge that a son of family friends was joining the Afghanistan conflict in the ADF. This was a shock to us, and I’d seen many images of misery and death on TV, in the vicinity of Tarin Kowt. My eldest daughter was present at her friends home just an hour or so after his birth, and said she remembered seeing him as a new baby, not imagining that 23 years later he would be deployed in the army to fight in someone else’s war. We were sad, as was his family.

I made this painting soon after, and it’s colours and forms show a contortedness and violence….quite powerful, even disturbing, yet the work still remains harmonious in its appearance, and the colours are vivid, strong. I wanted the painting to reflect the idea of combat, and ever present danger of IED’s along the road to Tain Kowt. Perhaps the viewer can observe this also, when looking at this artwork.

Let me know what you think.

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